What If You Could Look Younger Naturally?


Sun Damage and Collagen Decrease

45 Min Facelifting Facial Promotion  ( click on the link to read description) 

Financing Options Are Available

Our Specialty Treatments:

Beauty On Command Natural Neck Lift $995       

Beauty On Command Natural Fill of Nasolabial Folds $995

Beauty On Command Natural Dark Circles and Forehead Lines Eraser $995

 Free Consultation will help us to determine the best treatment for your skin. 

Here is what's included in your face lifting package: 

  • Two 90 Min Sessions of retraining the muscles to restore its youthful  firmness and collagen restoration
  • In depth education on the causes of your skin problems
  • Enzyme Peel Included 
  • Home Skin Care Instruction and Skin Aging Prevention Methods
  • Customized Daily Health Plan To Strengthen Your Inner Beauty

Compare the BOC Natural Facelift to a gym for your face. The effects of this amazing and non invasive process are immediate however to achieve sustainable results and to maintan the younger looking look you need to follow detailed recommendation offered during the treatment.  

Here are two convenient ways of maintaining the results:

1.Do-It-Yourself with the information given

2.Do-It-For-Me via a discounted VIP Membership option

*If your skin is thinning due to an extensive skin damage we might recommend other facial treatments such as microdermabrasion or oxygen infusion before beginning the Natural Facelift program.

European Lifting Facial $150   Intensive and sophisticated facial begins with the use of state-of-the-art 3D scanner. Next the magic happens, exfoliation and extreme hydration followed by invigorating face massage that lifts and firms the muscles. The result: Visibly restored younger looking skin.

Paraffin Facial $150 Spring is all about skin hydration and brightening of the dark circles that make us look tired.  The only way to help the puffy eyes and rehydrate the skin is to create a  perfect chamber of heat and moisture.   

Celeb's secret beauty weapon! Hollywood A+ hydrating, firming and re-glowing the skin facial. Extreme hydration and vitamin boost create a fresh glowing and plump look. 

Oxygen Infusion Facial $189  or Cooper/Hylauronic Infusion $189

Warm burst of steam followed  and deep exfoliation followed by seaweed wrap prepares your skin to glow.  Next the neck lifting via galanic and massage stimulates the skin . Your volcanic origin face mask offers a mega dose of nature's minerals to your skin. The results: The neck is firmer and jawline more defined. Double or triple chin..it does not matter. All can be lifted naturally! Series of 2 or 4 are recommended

Anti Aging / Skin Repairing Facial $99 45 min 

Excellent treatment facial for skin that lost its spring! This facial assists the skin in rebuilding the collagen naturally. Invigorating face massage combined with nano peptides and stem cell infusion is it sure to amaze you and everyone around you.

Facial Cupping Add-On $25

 The result: Glowing Skin, Diminished Wrinkles, De-Puffed Eye Area.  Ancient practice of skin rejuvenation offers a multitude of benefits for the skin of the face by means of negative pressure. The vacuum created during gentle suction treatment awakens the cells to work more efficiently by increasing the circulation in the skin and the muscles of the face and the neck. This specially designed add-on treatment improves the delivery of nutrients to the underlying tissues. Facial cupping is not only helpful in stimulating the collagen but it is very relaxing due to flushing of the toxins and flooding the skin with fresh oxygen.

Microdermabrasion Promotion                

Microdermabrasion $155

(45 min) Excellent exfoliation treatment for most skin types. It reduces large pores, dark spots and scars while firming and hydrating the skin.

Deep Cleansing $120  

This facial is designed for someone who has not had a facial for awhile or who does not use skin care products on a regular twice a day bases. Extractions if deemed necessary followed by a Volcanic Ashes Mask.

Flash Facial.Tired eyes remedy $90 45 mi

Dark circles, puffy eyes? No problem. This 45 min facial treatment restores the tone and brightness to the whole eye area. It firms and tones the skin on the eyelids and under the eye. Gentle exfoliation and special massage will stimulate the blood flow while flashing out the toxins!

Acne Facial $90  Acne can be a frustrating problem when you just tried about everything. European skin care specialists are trained in helping acne the natural way. No need for squeezing. No need for over drying the skin. A special blue light or high frequency assists in reducing the inflammation on contact.



Express Facial $60 (30 min) Excellent Quick-Fix for any type of skin.

Glycolic Peel $70 (30 min)  Series of six recommended. The result: Brighter and even complexion.

Acne pimple skin blemish spot skin care

Zit Zapper Bar 15 min $25 when your acne is under control you don't need an acne facial any longer. All you need is a maintenance. This facial treatment targets one or a couple of zits. It reduces the pressure on contact by stimulating the healing.

Zit Zapper Bar 30 min $50  when your acne appears to be coming back in a couple of spots and you can't seem to control it with the tools and strategies your were given during your acne facial it's time to do Zit Zapping. The short version may not be enough for you, then choose this option.

Lavender Hand Paraffin Facial $35 

The skin of your hands can give away your real age. The treatment begins with exfoliation and is followed by simply luxurious and sanitary treatment. Individual vitamin rich gloves filled with hot paraffin melts the stress and repairs the moisture balance in the skin of the hands.

Before and After BOC Natural Facelift