Skin Problems Are Reversible
Skin Problems Are Reversible
Natural Skin Care Solutions
Natural Skin Care Solutions

Premium Package Offering An Ultimate Result

The Face and Neck Natural FaceLift $995

What is included in the package?

or begin with a single service


Natural FACELIFT 90 MIN $270


Natural FACELIFT 60 min  $180

Fill the wrinkles and sagging skin naturally with this proprietary intensive European facial solution.

The result: Whole face skin tightening and firming.


The results of our proprietary BOC Natural Facelift are amazing and the satisfaction is guaranteed.

*It applies to normal aging skin.

Do it once a year and maintain it with home instructions given to you during the sessions.

If you have extensive skin damage and thinning skin other facial treatments such as microdermabrasion or oxygen infusion may be required before the Natural Facelift begins.



60 min European Facelifting Facial $150

Intensive and sophisticated facial begins with the use of state-of-the-art 3D scanner. Next the magic happens, exfoliation and extreme hydration followed by invigorating face massage that lifts and firms the muscles. The result: Visibly restored younger looking skin.

Best Double Chin Buster.


Clients who complete any package are eligible for one of these maintenance programs:


MEMBERSHIP $69 a month Classic Facial


VIP MEMBERSHIP $99 a month All Facials


Lavender Hand Paraffin Treatment $35


Flash Facial $90

Dark circles, puffy eyes? No problem.

This 45 min facial treatment restores the tone and brightness to the whole eye area. It firms and tones the skin on the eyelids and under the eye. Gentle exfoliation and special massage will stimulate the blood flow while flashing out the toxins! Holiday Remedy for tired eyes.  


Classic Facial $95

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and aroma seam followed by galvanic treatment.

Soothing and rejuvenating mask completes this relaxing and hydrating treatment.


Acne Facial $90

Acne can be a frustrating problem when you just tried about everything.

European skin care specialists are trained in helping acne the natural way. No need for squeezing. No need for over drying the skin.

A special blue light or high frequency assists in reducing the inflammation on contact. 


Caviar Facial To Reduce Sun Damage $150 

Deep cleansing followed by extreme exfoliation using glycolic peel or enzyme peel to stimulate cell tunover and resurface the skin.

Face massage with the use of Galvanic to stimulate the skin.

Brightening facial mask to soothe and reduce the sun damage.

The result: Relaxed and brighter skin.


Express Facial $60

Excellent Quick-Fix for either deep cleansing or acne solutions.


Glycolic Peel $70 (30 min)

Gentle yet effective exfoliation to brighten the complexion and reglow the skin. The result: Glowing and hydrated complexion.


Special Occasion Facial -Oxygen Infusion $189 (50 min)

Celebrities secret beauty weapon! Hollywood A+ hydrating, firming and reglowing the skin facial. See more information on Intraceuticals


Microdermabrasion $155 (50 min)

Excellent exfoliation treatment for most skin types. It reduces large pores, dark spots and scars while firming and hydrating the skin.


Microdermabrasion/Collagen Mask $210

Excellent exfoliation and collagen rebuilding treatment for thinning skin and mature skin.


Green Tea Infusion $150 (50 min)

Facial that assists in reducing redness due to hypersensitivity or rosacea. Extremely relaxing and hydrating. An extract of green tea from German laboratory is massaged into the skin and followed by hydrating mask and green tea moisturizer.


Add-On Dark Circle Remedy $35 

Galvanic and gentle cupping to flash out the stagnant fluid from the under eye area and show refreshed brighter skin 



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