Have wrinkles. Try Natural Facelift


10 Years Younger Guaranteed!


Package #1        $799

  • Four 90 min sessions
  • Facial Peel Included
  • Detailed DIY Home Instructions
  • Ongoing Support via Text Message System

Package #2      $459

  • Four 50 min sessions
  • Facial Peel Included
  • Home Remedies and DIY Instructions

The Results are immediate and apply to normal aging skin. Sun damaged skin may need additional services such as microdermabrasion to bring it back to balance before the Natural FaceLift treatment is received. The treatments need to be repeated at least 4 times in order for the muscles to build its volume and to allow them to tighten. Recommended daily home care routine is essential in prolonging the results of the treatment.

Spring is about exfoliation

Spring is about exfoliation

Neck Lift $250 On Sale Now 30% OFF

60 Min Treatment includes 

  1. Enzyme Peel with Microdermabrasion to lighten and to exfoliate
  2. Galvanic Treatments with collagen infusion to rebuild the skin
  3. Vit C Mask to stimulate collagen

Two great options to get rid of cellulite:

 Cellulite Eraser Package $299

Spring promotionsAminocel serum is used during this treatment and it contains :Butcher’s Broom Extract, Lemon Extract, Guarana, Passion Flower Extract, Caffeine Extract, Aminophylline

Cupping is an old remedy that decreases swelling through lymph drainage but it stimulates degradation and melting the fat tissue. Cupping combined with the application of aminocel (proteins specific for cellulite) not only decreases the cellulite but it makes the skin looking and feeling younger. Our package is designed to get rid of cellulite in 3 weeks using twice a week 30 min sessions that cover specific areas of the body affected by cellulite. For this to be effective the client is encouraged to be exercising at least 15 min a twice a week and follow some sort of diet plan to prevent redepositing the fat into the area.  Additional Cellulite eraser session $50 each

 Mini Sauna Slimming and Firming Package $ $640 on sale now 30% OFF

  • 8 weekly 45 min sessions of exfoliation and concentrated seaweed wrap targeting problem areas in the lower or upper part of the body (not full body).
  • Great result are achieved when combined with low carb diet and light exercise.

  ACNE FACIAL     $90 deep cleansing, extractions if necessary, high frequency inflammation reducing treatment and special mask to control oils. Very effective pain and redness  reliever. It even works on cystic acne! EXPRESS FACIAL $50 Quick Fix Facial DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL with COLLAGEN INFUSION $120  cleansing and exfoliation, steam treatment and extractions if necessary. Relaxing massage followed by collagen ampule and Vit C mask. EUROPEAN HYDRATING FACIAL $95  Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation and Aroma Steam followed by galvanic. Soothing and hydrating mask ends this relaxing and result producing treatment. Oxygen Infusion   $189 (50 min) Non invasive and extremely hydrating facial treatment with hylauronic acid and vitamin A,E,C.  Series of treatments are highly recommended. Oxygen Eye/Lip Treatment $89  Amazing botox-like hydrating and lifting facial treatment resulting in flawless skin. Highly recommended before a special event. Collagen boosting facial  $189  Aroma Steaming, Enzyme Peel followed by oxygen infused collagen booster to plump and firm the skin. Face Massage as SperanziEuropean Facelift Facial (50 min) $95 Fill the wrinkles and sagging skin naturally with this intensive European facial treatment.


  • Microdermabrasion $155 (50 min) skin exfoliation excellent for acne scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and also the pesky razor bumps. Deep exfoliation using crystals followed by a cooling and hydrating treatment

Microdermabrasion / Collagen Mask  $210 Professional grade exfoliation followed by collagen infusion and cooling mask Microdermabrasion Neck and Decollete $175 followed by collagen/elastin ampoule and a mask  Glycolic Peel or Papaya Enzyme Peel $70 (30 min) Gentle yet effective exfoliation without the abrasion. The treatment is followed by a pumpkin and papaya mask to hydrate and re-glow the skin.

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