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Acne and Sagging Skin Solutions
Acne and Sagging Skin Solutions
Yolanda teaches DIY skin care; She talks about a secret beauty tricks that can be done at home

For over a decade Yolanda, esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa delivers natural and botanical based facials that are not only healthy but very effective. The results are visible immediately.

At Speranzi (speranza latin word for 'hope") we don't use products that contain any synthetic preservatives, our skin care products are enhanced with hi performing antioxidants such as japanese green tea, CoQ10, reservatol, and peptides. Hypoallergenic and water based to absorb quickly and efficiently. Yolanda believes in natural, toxins free world.

The road to discovering what it takes to have youthful and vibrant looking skin came about in the most unexpected way! As a young woman I suffered from horrible migraines that didn't respond to treatment from conventional medicine; actually it was quite the opposite. I was tested for all the known causes of the headaches but doctors declared I was healthy.

I had a hard time believing it because I wanted to die from the crushing pain. After fighting the migraines on my own for couple of years I decided my life was passing me by and if no one was going to help me I needed to take my health into my own hands.

At this time I had a degree in biology and had opened a pain clinic and later a day spa shortly after graduation. I was applying my love for natural medicine in my practice.

I had developed a deep knowledge on the subjects of human anatomy and physiology and natural healing through energy and meditation.

Because of what I knew about the body and it's natural ability to heal I knew that I could find a way to treat my pain. I soon found out that my type of migraine was easing up after I received a massage. That means I needed to curb the stress-the main cause of my migraines. Stress was triggering it and until it was relieved in some way I was suffering.

With that discovery I started focusing on breathing exercises and getting weekly massages to relax my body and mind. I then incorporated tai chi and guided imagery. Eventually I was able to control the stress and consequently the pain. I was onto something big and I promised myself that I would take it to the world to help others to deal with headaches and migraines, which I began doing in my practice in 1990. 

And here is where it got surprising. After 5 years of treating chronic pain, I realized that the massages were also helping sinus problems and removing dark circles under the eyes. I began to focus more of my work on facial massages as I saw the more I worked with the facial massage the facial muscles when relaxed from the tightness that compresses the nerves to trigger markedly improved the facial appearance.

My face and my clients faces began looking younger! Not only were my clients looking years younger they were in better frames of mind to the point that they were leaving my clinic "happy". The more I saw the results the more I realized it was time to dedicate my business to slow down the aging and make women more confident in the process.

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