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Sagging Skin Tips Sagging Skin Tips

Do your hands look older than your face?

Summer is over, fall is about the repair.


Neck and decollete may look sun damaged too. Microdermabrasion and deep hydration is not only good for the face but great for the skin on the hands. 




What makes us look older?

Passing time and the Lifestyle.

Is there any healthy solution to reverse the damage?

Yes absolutely! Our skin is alive so its ability to rejuvenate.

Learn more about natural alternatives to sagging skin by requesting a free consultation with Yolanda Russo, holistic esthetician at Speranzi Facial Spa


Enjoy the How-To Video below


The good news is noone is immune to raveges of skin aging. Natural Face Lift through skillful massage stimulation and stretching of the muscles restores the youthful tension in muscles thus plumping the skin naturally. Slim your neck line, lift the sagging cheeks and erase dark circles with our Natural Face Lift Package


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